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Image La Sagesse
The wisdom of experience

La Sagesse

Global anti-aging line formulated with our marine complex Plasmarine™. A unique aid to mature skin that penetrates deep down to counteract the signs of cutaneous aging. We have devised five exceptional products with the ability to produce dramatic results even in the most damaged of skins.

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The potential to control the time


Our Anti-Stress range formulated with active PlasmarineTM. Introducing five products designed to treat oxidant stress, fine lines and premature aging.

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Image L'inquiétude
Image La Surête
The Totally Conviction

La Surête

One unique product to aliviate, hydrate and protect the skin against these problems thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. It calms the pains produced by minor solar burns and/or scratches, given that it has such potent healing properties. Body an face.

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Discover PlasmarineTM

A powerful concentration based on marine microalgae, Plasmarine makes a unique and innovative debut into the cosmetic world. A matchless product in the world of cosmetics, with the ability to repair cell damage and rapidly reverse the signs of aging.

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