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Want to learn about the best ingredients to take care of yourself? Would you like to know the most long-awaited news from Bluevert laboratories? Want to be up-to-date with the latest expert recommendations? That and much more can be found in this blog.

Retinol. The ingredient that works magic with your wrinkles

The signs of aging can be fought at night with this active ingredient. There is no ingredient more legendary than retinol when it comes to fighting wrinkles. Although it is

Plasmarine Active Complex™. The ingredient that revolutionized anti-aging routines

Discover Plasmarine Active Complex™, a unique and exclusive ingredient from Bluevert Laboratories that revolutionized anti-aging routines. The cosmetics world is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in recent times,

The deepest secret in the ocean

Like all stories, we should start with “Once upon a time…” and go back to the beginning. But what if this took us more than three billion years ago? What

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