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Results and benefits

There is nothing better than having products with which you can see quick and satisfactory results, right? You can see the result of the complete study at the following link. Marine microalgae are rich in:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fatty acids
  • Proteins and Peptides
  • Anti-Oxidants (including Vitamin C, Carotenoids and Superoxide Dismutase)

They have highly developed antioxidant enzymes, but their real power lies in their activity in our genetic material.

It may seem like science fiction, but … Would you like to paralyze time and not grow old? Now with our advances it is possible, marine microalgae have the ability to protect our genetic material so that it does not deteriorate in the continuous cell divisions that we have throughout life.

These multiple cell divisions are the precursors of skin aging, but thanks to marine microalgae you can preserve your genetic material and paralyze the natural process of skin aging.

And we also have everything documented in our scientific studies.

It is no longer fiction, it’s a reality that has been in the core of our mission: that each Bluevert™ consumer, whether it be a cosmetic or nutricosmetic, notices its effectiveness and acknowledges that this improvement is done in a healthy and sustainable way.

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