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Formulation and technological advancement

Research and innovation are at the core of our mission. Throughout our 7 years of research, we have been completely focused on understanding marine microalgae, the most effective and natural way to grow them and determining the best way to collect them while maintaining their amazing properties.

Our team is made up of engineers, biologists, chemists and pharma experts who have developed a technology based on liposomes that encapsulate marine microalgae, and once in contact with our organism allow the microalgae to release their macro-benefits.

Along with this technological advance, Bluevert Lab distinguishes itself by incorporating in its products not only the best of nature in the form of Plasmarine Active Complex™ but also a wide range of active ingredients with scientific and clinical evidence that combined create unsurpassed formulations for both cosmetics and nutricosmetics.

To be able to protect and preserve our cell’s genetic material and consequently delay the natural process of cellular aging … Is this not amazing? What if we had scientific studies that demonstrate it?

Resulting in highly effective products with demonstrable results.

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