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Marine microalgae

If there’s something that characterizes us at Bluevert Lab, it’s that we incorporate in all our products these tiny beings with macro-benefits that we commonly call marine microalgae.

Marine microalgae are not the typical algae that one finds when walking on the beach and that bother us while we bathe in the sea. As their name suggests they are microscopic but… Can you see them?

The correct answer is YES, they are those beautiful flashes of green and blue that appear when light is reflected in the ocean. They are the main responsible for its color. The concentration and type of microalgae is what makes the sea greener or bluer. Isn’t this wonderful?

Well, even more wonderful are the benefits these organisms bring us. In fact, marine microalgae are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, anti-oxidants and proteins that combined have the following properties:

At Bluevert Lab we have studied a selection of the richest marine microalgae and created a patented ingredient called Plasmarine Active Complex™ so that our cells can benefit of all these properties.  

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