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Plasmarine Active Complex

Marine microalgae have been around for 3 billion years and have been able to survive developing great adaptation mechanisms thanks to their incredible properties.

These mechanisms were developed throughout time. At Bluevert Lab and over years of intense research we were able to harness these properties and include them to all our products.

We have discovered that these microorganisms, in addition to all the properties mentioned, are capable of intervening in the natural processes of cellular aging, delaying it**. 

The formula is patented and has scientific studies that support its properties.

* Cosmetic in vitro cell based assays data (Bluevert™)  
**In vitro proliferative and telomere length analysis (Bluevert™)

Marine microalgae having an impact on cellular aging, slowing it down? It may seem like science fiction, but in fact it’s a reality.

These microorganisms are 3 billion years old and highly developed developments that nature offers us to create completely unique and exclusive products with amazingly incredible mechanisms of action.

Plasmarine Active complex™ is made up of two species of pure marine microalgae

(Chlorella vulgaris and Nannochloropsis gaditana) which are grown in the island of Porto Santo (Madeira, Portugal).

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