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Porto Santo

All marine microalgae present in our products are grown in the best conditions so that they can have a very exclusive composition and present the highest standards of purity.

Accordingly, we have chosen the island of Porto Santo in the archipelago of Madeira, Portugal, since, in addition to the optimal weather conditions for the cultivation of our pure marine microalgae, it is also in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by pristine sea water. A real paradise on Earth.

Our marine microalgae are grown in closed photobioreactors, that provide optimal growth conditions and prevent any type of contamination, allowing us to develop an ingredient that complies with all the international requirements and certifications.

The team behind the cultivation of our marine microalgae is multidisciplinary and composed of marine experts, biologists, chemists and great enthusiasts of this marine environment, all focused on producing this high-value ingredient present in all our formulations.

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