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Bluevert is a high luxury dermocosmetic brand meeting the typical concerns and needs of the skin with the objective of preserving its natural beauty.

The brand stands out for its high concentration of ingredients, reaching an average of 20 different active enhancers per product.

Bluevert includes four different epigenetically active cosmetic lines:

L’INQUIETUDE is intended for younger skin and the prevention of the early signs of aging, due to its high antioxidant activity.

LA SAGESSE, a range of products focused on the repair of mature skin that has been damaged by external agents and needs an extra contribution of hydration and firmness to fight against skin aging.

SKIN PERFECTION, all highly efficient in treating the first signs of ageing, mature skin and transversal repair, respectively.

LA SÛRETE with a 4×4 balm with repairing and healing activity.  

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