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Crème Nettoyante Marine Avancée

47,00 125ml

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Cutaneous hygiene is the fundamental part of having healthy skin, prepared to absorb the active ingredients that the treatments offer us. Without a good cleansing treatment, we will not achieve the expected results of the creams and serums we use. To obtain the maximum effect of them, we must exfoliate the skin at least once per week, as well as cleansing it daily with La Crème Nettoyante Marine Avancée. As a result, Bluevert will offer sublime make-up removal and cleansing with active treatments that will start to treat the signs of ageing from the very first stage of skin cleansing without drying out the skin, so as not to remove all surfactants..

The Crème Nettoyante Marine Avancée de La Sagesse is a make-removal, anti ageing, cleansing cream enriched with marine ingredients and natural extracts of oats and green tea, with 20% of active ingredients.
Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free

Apply morning/night evening directly to the face and massage lightly, including the areas around the eyes, subsequently applying Lotion Marine Profonde Bluevert

Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free

125 ml / 4.2 FL.OZ.