Crème Prévention Suprême

160,00 50ml

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The fundamental principle of healthy skin, resistant to external aggressions, is unquestionably prevention. The sooner we can help our skin defend itself against free radical damage, providing itself with the vitamins and and proteins necessary to face the passage of time, the sooner we will delay premature ageing, bringing to life healthier and more beautiful skin, for longer.

The secret is starting to treat the skin with the appropriate preventative products from 20-25 years old, at which time the skin starts to reduce the production of collagen between 1% and 1.5% every year, even though these effects will not be noticeable until years later, it is vital to keep it in mind in order to start to slow down the loss of proteins, and stimulate their production as soon as possible.

Crème Prévention Suprême contains 25% of exclusive active ingredients such as the marine complex Plasmarine™️ hyaluronic acid, resins and natural botanical extracts.

With epigenetic action and ability to repair the DNA, it acts on all of the needs of skin troubled by premature ageing. It provides an anti-wrinkle action, increases elasticity and improves hydration without oily sensation. The skin maintains its youthfulness, brighter and hydrated, and those expression lines smooth out.

Apply morning/evening to cleansed and toned skin.

Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free

50 ml / 1.7 FL.OZ.