Lotion Marine Révélatrice

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If the cleanser is the first stage of a good treatment, second, but by no means less important, is the lotion.

A good lotion, more than simply recover the PH levels and moisten the skin, will also act as a vehicle to efficiently transport the active ingredients applied later, distributing them evenly to each individual layer of skin. In addition, the Lotion Marine Révelatrice will softly exfoliate the outer layers of skin so as to enable the active ingredients to penetrate fully.

With a light, aqueous texture, it will leave the skin purified, calmed and hydrated without leaving the face greasy. Thanks to its sebum regulating action, the lotion will control excess of sebum in the skin, as consequence controlling the size and depth of visible pores.

Lotion Marine Révelatrice is anti-ageing, enriched with a complex of AHAs in a 5% concentration to renew and softly exfoliate the skin daily, and botanical extracts of sweet almonds and chamomile. Formulated with sea water. 17% active ingredients.

Apply morning/evening. Apply directly to the face with your hands or with the help of cotton buds. Do not rinse. Subsequently apply the L’Inquiétude face treatment.

Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free

200 ml / 6.6 FL.OZ.