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Crème Parfait Globale

260,00 50ml

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With the passing of time the skin loses its natural collagen, hyaluronic acid, fatty acids and minerals. Furthermore, the process worsens due to a combination of external factors to which we are exposed every day: UV rays, pollution, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), stress and unhealthy eating.

All of this is reflected in the appearance of our skin, as premature wrinkles form, we lose density, see sagging and progressive drying out of the skin, as well as losing tone and noticing the appearance of blemishes in our pigmentation. We are more and more conscious of the importance of treating and preventing these signs of ageing via cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. In turn, science advances rapidly in order to offer quicker, more effective, and more satisfactory responses to an increasingly demanding market.

Bluevert has achieved the perfect formula to create a transversal cream combining luxury, science and the most advanced technology in the field, thanks to its star ingredient Plasmarine™️, to offer us Crème Parfaite Globale

Global anti-ageing face and eye contour cream, with 48% exclusive active ingredients such as the marine complex Plasmarine™, resins, and botanical extracts. With epigenetic action and ability to repair the DNA. Crème Parfaite Globale acts on all the needs of the skin, providing a powerful anti-wrinkle action, increasing elasticity, firmness and hydration, whilst restoring the levels of nutrition. The skin reveals itself rejuvenated, bright, more hydrated and nourished.

Its 17 super-concentrated active ingredients work in synergy to give the skin back its splendour and repair it profoundly. Thanks to the maximum concentration of these botanical and biotechnological ingredients, joined together with the exclusive complex Plasmarine™ we have achieved previously unheard of in the rejuvenation of the skin.

Paraben free. Mineral oil free

Apply to cleansed and toned skin morning and evening. Face and contour eyes.

Pareben-free. Mineral oil-free.

50 ml / 1.7 FL.OZ.